Roses of Rome Live Wallpaper

Roses of Rome Live Wallpaper

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Pictures of roses come from the Rome Rose Garden (Italy).

The Rome Rose Garden is a public garden in Rome, Italy, located opposite the Circus Maximus on the Aventine Hill.
Over 1100 varieties of roses are grown there, many of them gifts from countries around the world.
The Rome Rose Garden covers 10,000 m square and each section has rose varieties characteristic of, or grown in, the respective variety.

By settings you can change:

  • The type of roses
  • The Number of roses
  • The vertical and rotation speed
  • The size of the flowers
  • You can enable or disable the glitter effect on the flowers
  • You can choose the background from your picture gallery or maintain the default live wallpaper background
  • You can enable or disable a short sound effect when a rose is touched and disappears

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