Shamrocks Live Wallpaper

Download for free on Android Market

Enjoy Shamrock Live Wallpaper!
You can change the Shamrocks Type: Default, Brilliant, 3D and Glowing.
You can change also the number, the size and the speed of the Shamrocks.
You can change the movement. The Shamrocks can go back and forth just as they were moved by the wind; they can optionally float or move on the screen with gravity effect.

You can add a nice sparkling frame to your phone screen.
You can set the effect of the frame sparkling.


added 4 new green backgrounds

You can enable sound and when you pop or move the shamrocks the LWP plays a little sound (according with your ringtone volume - if the phone are in silent mode, the LWP doesn't play any sound).

The permission FULL INTERNET ACCESS and VIEW NETWORK STATE are only for the ads present in the Settings. This is my third Live Wallpaper that uses advertising. There is no paid version, but only this full free version. Please don't be sad about ads, they will appear only in the Settings and not on your live wallpaper screen. When you use the live wallpaper as live background on your phone, it doesn't access to internet.