Be My Valentine Live Wallpaper

Be My Valentine Live Wallpaper Free Download for free on Android Market

Be My Valentine Live Wallpaper Download on Android Market

Be my Valentine is the Live Wallpaper that will give a colorful and romantic touch to your smartphone.

It is a special gift for the sweethearts of every age. If you will pop the hearts moving on the background, then famous love quotes will appear framed in an ancient styled parchment. More than 100 love quotes in the Full Version.

You can change the Hearts Type that wander around your screen:

You can change also the dimension and the speed of the hearts.

You can also select one of the five available backgrounds:
Venice at Dawn
Venice by Day
Venice Sunset
Venice by Night

Venice (Venezia) in Italy is par excellence the most famous city for lovers and sweethearts in the world.
If you enable the localization the Venice background will change automatically during the day.
You can also add your picture from the phone gallery as a background with three setting options:
Stretch to fit the screen
Preserve the size with dark strips
Crop the image to fill the screen

Finally, you can also disable the quotes (if you don't like it), change their speed or the way they disappear away from the screen: automatically or on-touch ( the on-touch mode enables you to keep persistent on the screen a quote you like very much ).

Enjoy Be my Valentine!

The permission "Your Location" is necessary if you want the automatic changes of the backgrounds during the day.
Only when you enable the Localization the Live Wallpaper will try to find your location contacting the GPS or the mobile network locator.
In order to save the battery life the location code runs only in this moment (when you enable the localization).
So please remember that you must select "Enable localization" in the WallPaper setting again, if you are a frequent flyer or you change often the time-zone and/or the city.
Please, try the free-lite version before you'll buy it, so you can test the compatibility with your phone.